Zombie protest against undead TN nuke plant

Zombies showed up at TVA headquarters in Chattanooga earlier today to protest the TVA's decision to spend $5 billion more on completion of the Bellefonte nuclear power plant. The TVA halted construction of the Hollywood, Alabama facility in 1988 after sinking $6 billion into the project, which has been labelled as a "nuclear Ford Pinto." Head organizer Sandy Kurtz said that protestors dressed up as zombies because "it's a zombie reactor. It's neither alive nor dead." He also worried that the TVA was spending an ungodly amount of money on an unsafe power plant with an outdated design, construction permit problems, and a location in a seismic area, when they could be spending the money on cleaner, safer forms of energy that would come online faster and create jobs that would be distributed around the state. The zombies made their way into the headquarters and delivered a petition to the TVA board to kill the power plant once and for all.

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