You Probably Already Know This: Six Facts On Student Debt

Since you've been following the latest on student loan debt, you probably already know that it's out of control, and that on July 1st, it's about to get way worse if we don't do something. But do your friends know that? Probably not. And if they have student debt, they really need to. It's time to drop some knowledge. Our internal studies show that if you share this graphic with your friends on Facebook, they will instantly become 100% more knowledgeable about the student loan crisis. Don't you want that for your friends?
Student Loan Info
Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Another reason for sharing and spreading knowledge: It's only three weeks until Congress decides if they actually care about the future of higher education in America (i.e. -- three weeks until the interest rate on subsidized Stafford loans doubles). This means that the Senate needs to be pressured into actually caring, because they really haven't brought their game to the table lately. Republicans have been offering really terrible pay-fors that frankly, we should all be insulted by. More knowledge about student loan debt = more passion = higher stakes in Washington. Sources for graphic: [1] Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: "Too big to fail: Student debt hits a trillion." [2] Business Insider: "Student loan debt has shot up nearly 300% in the past decade." [3] Demos: "The Great Cost Shift: How higher education cuts undermine the middle class." [4] U.S. Department of Labor: Garnishment law. [5] NOLO: Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy [6] NPR: "Students to Congress: Don't let my interest rate double."

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