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Rebuild is proud to introduce America Underwater, a photo blog dedicated to the 11 million Americans with underwater homes around the country. Help put a face to the housing crisis - share your story or spread the word:

Dear Timothy,

Over 11 million American homeowners are underwater right now, owing more on their mortgages than their houses are actually worth.

Here's what that means: it means either you or someone you know is probably one of those 11 million. They might be a family member or you might work with one of them. They might be teaching your children, delivering your mail, bagging your groceries, or they might live right next door. They need and deserve relief and real solutions.

Our opposition -- Wall Street banks, lenders, and the politicians who work on their behalf instead of ours -- are working hard to paint a different picture. They'd like us to believe that this crisis is hitting only a few selfish people who tried to game the system and ran out of luck. If they're successful, we'll lose this fight. It's that simple.

This is where you come in. We've just launched a photo blog showing the real faces of this crisis, and we need your help to build the site and spread the word. Here's what you can do:

If you yourself are a homeowner who is underwater on his or her mortgage, send us your photo and story to post on the blog.


Visit the blog now and share it with your social circle through Facebook and Twitter.

We've joined up with New Bottom Line and National People's Action to launch a new website called "America Underwater," the central hub for our campaign to educate Americans on this crisis and get justice and relief for homeowners. This photo blog, depicting the real faces and stories of this crisis, is the first crucial piece of the campaign.

The foreclosure crisis in America is not only a middle class crisis -- it's a you and me crisis. It's that big. It affects regular, hardworking people who played by the rules and were taken advantage of -- and who we come into contact with every single day.

When you read another story about some greedy bank threatening to evict a family out of their home, this is who they're victimizing. When you hear Ed DeMarco, Federal Housing Finance Agency director, refuse to budge on his stand against badly needed principal reductions for homeowners, these are the people he's turning his back on.

It's an important message -- maybe the most important message we can send throughout the course of this campaign. Help us deliver it.

Help us show the faces of America underwater.

Send us your photo and story or visit the site and share it with your network (

Thank you for helping to rebuild the dream, Natalie

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