You Got Rid of Ed DeMarco

CONGRATS: You got rid of Ed DeMarco!

Yesterday, the Senate FINALLY confirmed North Carolina Congressman Mel Watt to replace Bush-era Ed DeMarco as head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

For years, DeMarco singlehandedly stood in the way of relief to millions of homeowners who were stuck with the bill for Wall Street's fraud and wrong-doing. Yet when we first started calling for President Obama to fire Ed DeMarco, very few people in Washington even knew his name.

More than a hundred and twenty thousand of you signed a "Fire DeMarco" petition. You wrote letters and made phone calls. You shared information with your friends and neighbors. Our friends at MoveOn, New Bottom Line, and the Home Defenders League led the charge. President Obama nominated a replacement even when it looked dead on arrival in the Senate.

I knocked the guy on TV whenever I could, but the real reason he is gone is all of you. 

Better yet, DeMarco's replacement Mel Watt is a true champion for consumers. But we can't forget: The whole point of getting rid of DeMarco was to deliver real help to homeowners. That's what we're counting on Mel to do now. And we won't back down.

This fight showed that if progressives actually stick up for people who are hurting, we can win. It may take longer than we like. It may make a few friends angry. But we can win -- and help a lot of our neighbors in the process.

It also shows why reforming the filibuster matters. It's no coincidence that Mel Watt was confirmed by a simple majority only weeks after we broke the GOP's stranglehold on the Senate. So if you are one of the tens of thousands of Rebuilders who called for reforming the filibuster, you deserve some credit, too.

Most of all, it showed the power of having a huge megaphone and lifting up the stories of people who are hurting. It takes a lot to fight through the right-wing noise machine and put the attention where it matters. But it is possible.

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Congratulations again -- and THANK YOU!!!