Wisconsin Recall Prompts Historic Turnout

[caption id="attachment_5326" align="aligncenter" width="512" caption="Milwaukee Voters at Rebuild Wisconsin commit to vote today."][/caption] Wisconsin's election today is no ordinary election. Today's ballot will decide the fates of Governor Scott Walker and several Republican state senators in a historic recall election. The turnout is already incredible with one county clerk expecting turnout near 80 percent in Dane County and state election officials predicting about 60 to 65 percent of the voting age population to turn out. These numbers are incredibly impressive for any election, especially one without a presidential candidate on the ticket. Rebuild the Dream was out in Wisconsin with Wisconsin Jobs Now, SEIU, Citizen Action of Wisconsin and the League of Pissed Off Votes to mobilize minority and youth voters in Milwaukee at Rebuild Wisconsin last month. Additionally, hundreds of Rebuild the Dream members have been working with We are Wisconsin to phone bank virtually and turn out voters in Wisconsin. While there aren't any numbers from Milwaukee, election officials are already predicting higher turnout than 2008's elections and report running out of ballots in some polling places. We're waiting on the results of tonight's recall, Here's hoping we can all tell Scott Walker "You're Fired" tonight.

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