"Why My Job Is To Watch Dreams Die"

The experience of losing a home is heartbreaking and one of the most difficult days in the lives of millions. This man experiences that day over and over again as part of his job. He works at a real estate office selling foreclosed homes and is there for the painful moment when a homeowner hands over the keys to their home.
And so I listen. I feign dispassion but I'm not fooling anybody. Somehow they can tell that I care and thank me even as they admit that it isn't my fault, that it isn't my responsibility to listen. I've stood inside another's dream for an hour as they spoke, not really to be heard but to say goodbye - to leave the ghosts behind.
The anonymous realtor writes about the process of foreclosure and the almost unbelievable stories that the homeowners share. As anyone can tell you, a home is more than justa a house. It's a powerful place filled with memories.
Sometimes the kids are there, maybe waiting in the car, maybe not. I see the marks on the wall showing how the kids grew over the years. I see the anguished poetry scribbled on the wall by stoned teenagers and the occasional hole punched in the wall. One woman handed me the key to her reinforced bedroom door - during the divorce her now ex-husband was still living in the house and she had to barricade herself in at night. Another said "right there is where I found my son - he couldn't handle losing the house".
You can read the entire story on Reddit.

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