What's Next For the Progressive Movement?

The Nation's Ari Berman and Van Jones will be hosting a live discussion on Friday on the state of the progressive coalition and the role of grassroots activists in re-electing the President and pushing for more progressive governance. The Nation promises a lively discussion about the role of the grassroots activists in 2008 and thoughts on their role in 2012:
After a campaign that saw an unprecedented level of grassroots activism and young voter engagement, Barack Obama’s supporters have struggled to reconcile the idealism that swept him into the presidency with the more centrist and cautious approach he has taken once in office. As the 2012 election approaches, what role will grassroots activists play in Obama's re-election campaign and in pushing him to stand up for more progressive governance?
The Nation will be hosting this discussion on their website on this Friday, June 1 at 2 PM Eastern. After a short introductory conversation, you will be able submit your own questions in real time to have them answered by Van Jones and Ari Berman.

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