What were you doing this weekend?

The American Dream movement will continue to depend on local action, local connection, and local leadership. This last weekend, around 4,000 people nation-wide took part in 269 house parties to continue strategizing for the American Dream Movement. We had a great turn out, with around 15-20 people in each house party and tons of inspiring ideas. Here were some of the highlights gathered from meetings across the country: "When we finally had a time and date set for action. It really made things go from just a group of like minded people to part of the movement." "Everyone agreeing that we're all in trouble if we don't band together and do something to change it all." "Having two young adult activists there who were articulate, passionate, and well informed was refreshing. Most of us (9 others) were 'of a certain age'; there was agreement on many issues and many good ideas stand out." “I think the American People want the DREAM to be a reality & will work to make it so.”

Around 4000 people got together this last weekend to hold 269 house parties across the country.

Now it's time to channel the renewed energy and get results - as one attendee commented, a highlight of their house party was "realizing that people are tired of talking and want action." Let the action begin. Did you attend a house party? What were your thoughts/highlights?

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