"What the Wall Street Protesters Want: An Economic Commentary on the Contract for the American Dream."

As the debate on Occupy Wall Street continues, the Contract for the American Dream could be a good reference for the kinds of changes that would benefit the 99%, writes Ed Dolan: -

Over 300,000 have signed the Contract.

"Nearly every news story I read about the occupation of Wall Street begins by saying that the protesters are vague about what they want. Even Paul Krugman, who is supportive of the demonstrations, complains in today’s New York TImes about a lack of specific policy demands. Maybe that is a valid critique of individual protestors, but if you look instead at what some of their sponsoring organizations say the protest is about, you get a different picture—one that is not only more specific but often makes surprisingly good economic sense.

The best short summary of protesters’ demands that I have seen is the Contract for the American Dream, or CFAD as I will call it for short. It is a one-page, ten-point program that claims to be the result of a grass roots, bottom-up drafting process. It is hardly an obscure document—it carries hundreds of thousands of individual signatures plus the endorsements of a whole laundry-list of progressive organizations. I suggest clicking on the link right now and reading it. That will save the need for long quotes."

Read the rest of his commentary here.



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