Watch: The One Thing That All Americans Can Agree Must Change

It’s already been five years since the financial meltdown on Wall Street. Do you know how many of the elite bankers responsible for the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression have gone to prison for fraud or perjury?

The answer is ZERO.

By contrast, at the very same time, the U.S. continues to grow its massive prison population -- by far the largest in the world -- by imprisoning ordinary, powerless citizens for far more trivial crimes, often with less forgiveness and for longer sentences. In fact, nearly half of American prisoners are behind bars for non-violent offenses, usually low-level drug crimes.

This blatant divide in how the U.S. justice system treats elites and how it treats everyone else contradicts our country’s core value that we are all held accountable by the same rules, regardless of our power or position.  

All Americans should agree on equal justice and proportionality.

Watch this powerful video of journalist Glenn Greenwald revealing how these values have come under attack and what we can do to fight back. 

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This video was produced by Brave New Foundation's Beyond Bars campaign in partnership with Rebuild the Dream.


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