Washington Post notices American Dream Movement

Katrina vanden Heuvel makes her case for a strong, independent American Dream Movement in our capital's premier newspaper. Here's a taste:
The agenda is clear: It’s our job as citizens to preserve, protect and defend the American dream. But first we have to resurrect it. That calls for major initiatives for jobs and growth, and reinvestment in our decrepit infrastructure and support for green industries. It calls for repairing our basic social contract: making quality education available and affordable, providing Medicare for all, and protecting Social Security. It means making work pay a living wage and empowering unions to organize and protect workers’ rights. It means progressive tax reform and an end to America’s wars abroad. And it demands urgent democratic reforms to curb the power of money in politics. More than anything, all of this demands an independent people’s movement willing to challenge the grip of private interests on the public good. A movement of ordinary citizen-heroes, people willing to disrupt their normal routines to save the American dream. [My emphasis.]
To me, the last part is key. If we place our trust solely on politicians to enact a positive agenda for us, well, we've already seen the results of that approach. Positive change in this country has only happened when ordinary people stepped outside their daily lives and banded together for a greater cause, whether we're talking about the American Revolution, women's suffrage, or the civil rights movement.

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