VIDEO: Constituents confront Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY)

Congresswoman Nan Hayworth (R-NY) has had a rough month. Just a couple of weeks ago, she called the police on seniors trying to tell her not to cut Social Security and Medicare at her district office. Now she's facing heat from constituents blasting her at a town hall meeting for her insistence on cutting taxes and allowing companies to ship jobs overseas. In the town hall meeting, constituents repeatedly asked what she was going to do about bringing jobs back to this country when companies like Verizon continue to send jobs overseas. Hayworth kept dodging with the answer that we should lower tax rates for corporations, but couldn't answer why companies like Verizon ship jobs overseas when they pay few taxes on billions in profit. Make sure you watch until the end, when a constituent, exasperated with a meandering Hayworth filibuster that did not address his point, cried out "You are not the teacher here. You are a Congresswoman!"

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