VIDEO: Boehner hears from the left

Protestors showed up in numbers at Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner's office in West Chester, Ohio to demand that the Speaker actually start focusing on jobs rather than partisan bickering in Washington. Staffers locked the door and even refused to allow protestors to send two people in to give their message directly to Boehner or his staff. When they were informed that Boehner was at a country club fundraiser, the protestors departed for the golf course soiree in nearby Dublin, Ohio. (Inside the fundraiser, donors were reportedly given golf balls with Nancy Pelosi's face printed on them.) The protesters were told "Boehner chooses not to come out", and police were called to shoo the protesters away. The group was filled with people who were either out of work and directly stood in harm's way due to Boehner's policies. One woman, Sheri Dever from Dayton, held bachelor's and master's degrees in business, but can't find work because she's "overqualified." Now that she's been out of work because she has "too many qualifications", she has a second strike against her - she's unhirable because of the gap in her employment record, despite looking for work in the worst economic climate since the Great Depression.

"I hope to explain to him and explain to him what it's like. [And tell him] stop the bickering, get the jobs back to Ohio not overseas, but bring them back here. We are dying out here. There is no jobs. We really need his help," Dever said.

"Let's get jobs back in to the United States," she said. "I'm so sick and tired of politicians like Boehner putting their personal politics in front of our jobs and our security ... we need him to stand up for Americans not a party on either side, but to stand up for Americans."

Others faulted Boehner for his stance on jobs and health care. A disabled veteran, out of work since 2008, has been sharing the insulin he gets from the federal government through VA with his wife, who lost her health insurance when her job disappeared in 2009. They are both diabetics. "I would like to see our government and Congress start concentrating on what the real problem is and that is regaining some of our jobs here," he said. "We need more jobs here or we are going to be rats in a sinking ship. People will be bailing out of these areas if they can't find jobs, can't make ends meet, and it is devastating our American way of life." Liberals are lining up around the country to take on members of Congress for their lack of attention to jobs. We can all expect to hear lots of stories like this one in the coming month.

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