VIDEO: American Dream Movement response to Obama speech

Last night, we had an enthusiastic response to President Obama's speech. Over 7,000 tuned in to our live chat, hosted by's Daniel Mintz, Demos economist Heather McGhee, and grassroots movement member Steve Nathan (an unemployed paralegal in Pennsylvania). Daniel, Heather, Steve, and countless visitors to our chatroom provided useful context, applause and critiques of Obama's speech in real time as Obama delivered it. If you missed the chat, you can catch up on it here. And after the speech, unemployed Army reservist Tiffany Mellers delivered a heartfelt response to Obama, appreciative of the proposals to put construction workers, teachers, first responders, and veterans back to work, but mindful of the difficult road ahead. Given her circumstances, Tiffany is perhaps an ideal person to respond to Obama rather than a wealthy Tea Party Republican on a cable network. You might remember Tiffany from our American Dream house meetings earlier this summer. I spoke to her shortly after the meetings and heard the frustration in her voice as she spoke of the difficulties finding a job, even with her years of experience in her field and with several deployments overseas for her country. As Tiffany noted last night, "Compromise is not an option when it comes to defending the American Dream." Those who privilege tax breaks for the rich over jobs for the rest of us will stand in the way of Obama's strongest measures, so we must continue to fight until we get the job done. Tiffany pledged to keep fighting for the American Dream, defined as "hard work means that you can live with dignity, provide for your family, and give your kids a better future." Most importantly, she pledged to fight alongside Obama as long as he kept at it, but if he falters, she'll stand by whatever leaders remain in the fight. Can you say the same for yourself?

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