Van Jones Op-Ed: All Eyes on Occupy Oakland

Together with his friend Jakada Imani, Executive Director of the Oakland-based Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Van Jones penned an op-ed today on the use of excessive force in attempting to clear out Occupy Oakland. Here's a snippet, but you should really read the whole thing.

The Occupy movement is powerful, not because it is fighting for the rights of a few hundred people to sleep outdoors, but because it is fighting for the right of millions of Americans to sleep indoors. These excessive responses from law enforcement, from Atlanta to Oakland, not only violate the law, but take our collective eye away from the economic violence occurring daily in this country.

Today, the mayor and police department should apologize. And they should apologize loudly and sincerely. And then tomorrow, they should join us all in fighting for the 99%.

Also, I wanted to emphasize that among those injured by the use of tear gas and flash-bang grenades to clear out protesters, our thoughts and prayers are with Scott Olsen, a Marine who remains in critical condition at a local hospital after being injured by a projectile fired from Oakland police. Iraq Veterans Against the War is currently accepting contributions on behalf of Scott and his family; we encourage you to support him in his hour of need if you can.

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