Van Jones has our back

Van Jones has our back. 

Van has a 25+year track record of fighting for us -- the underdogs from all parts of the country. 

Last week, Van said some things that caused many of his followers to pause. He made comments that a lot of people took to mean he was legitimizing Trump's presidency. Van's integrity was questioned. His loyalty was questioned. And he has been met by a line of attack so severe, that we -- as his staffers and close friends -- are compelled to point out a few things:

Watch the full night of commentary and really listen. Remember Van is the one person who warned us early on that Trump could get the nomination and could win. He alerted everyone across the left to get serious about defeating him. 

Click bait headlines drive up ratings. Many people reacted to a clip and a headline, instead of hearing what Van said. Take a listen for yourself to Van's entire night of commentary:

Watch Van explain. . .again. The virus is mutating. A more Presidential Trump is a more dangerous Trump. We need to adjust our strategy so we can win. He also explained his own Messy Truth in front of a million viewers. 

And more than anything, take a look at some of the ways that Van has always had our back. On environmental issues, criminal justice, racism, rape culture, islamophobia, xenophobia and so much more, Van has been the voice that we need.

As the staff who works by Van's side, we can tell you this: Van is authentic and honest. Van will keep fighting for the underdogs no matter who they are, where they are, and no matter who attacks him for it. 

Van has endured backlash from all sides throughout his career. He has our back even when we don't have his. Today we celebrate him for that spirit of love -- that ability to fight for justice for people who don't think like us, don't vote like us, or don't even know we exist. 

As Van says, it is not right vs. left. It is right vs. wrong. 

To the man who has always had ours -- We Got Your Back. 



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