Update: Freddie Mac takes Arturo to court for refusing eviction

Last week, Arturo de los Santos and his family waited defiantly at their home for the Riverside County Sheriff to evict them, with the support of their community and local media. But the Sheriff never came, choosing to stay out of the fight. Freddie Mac, however, is taking things to the next level. On Friday, Freddie Mac decided to take Arturo de los Santos to court for refusing to leave his home. This week, Rebuild the Dream will deliver the tens of thousands of petitions to Freddie Mac headquarters in Virginia, requesting that Freddie Mac give Arturo a fair deal and let him keep his home. Have you shared the petition with everyone you know? Check out a letter from Rebuild the Dream's Ian Kim:

Arturo de los Santos is still holding out against eviction at his home in Riverside

Dear friends,

We have some breaking news. Last week, Art de los Santos and his family were supposed to get evicted by the Riverside County Sheriff -- but it didn't happen! Art has been all over the local news, and it seems the Sheriff wants to stay out of it. But on Friday, mortgage giant Freddie Mac went to court to force the Sheriff's hand and evict Art and his family.

Freddie Mac raised the stakes -- and so will we. This week, we're going to deliver tens of thousands of petition signatures to Freddie Mac's CEO at the corporate headquarters in Virginia. We're going to put Freddie Mac in the spotlight. This is your last chance to help boost the number of petition signers. Can you add your name?

Sign the petition: tell Freddie Mac and JPMorgan Chase to work out a fair deal with Art so his family can keep their home.

The story of Art's family is the story of millions of Americans who have been victimized by unjust and irrational foreclosures. It doesn't make sense: Art has a job of 20+ years and the money to pay the mortgage, but the bank refuses to accept any payments! Freddie Mac is supposed to prevent foreclosures. But instead of working out a fair deal, it seems they'll do anything to force him from his home.

That is wrong. Until the big banks know that they can't get away with this, they're going to keep doing it. Please take a minute to sign and then spread the word.

Thanks, Ian Kim Rebuild the Dream

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