Hope for Homeowners Campaign Toolkit

Congress will soon vote on a home mortgage relief plan that would help 13 million homeowners each save thousands of dollars per year, a total $35 billion annually. Join the campaign NOW to support this plan. (This page last modified June 20.)

Join National Field Campaign Calls, Mondays and Thursdays, 5-5:30pm Eastern Time. Email [email protected] to get details.

Resources and materials:

Informational Videos from the White House:

Campaign Timeline:

  • Week of June 18: launch petitions
  • June 20-21: Press events
  • June 20: submit op eds to newspapers
  • June 21-28: submit letters to the editor
  • June 25-26: Call Your Senator days

Note: A vote in the Senate is expected some time in July. Stay tuned.

What your organization can do:

1) HOLD A PRESS EVENT IN YOUR STATE: Put pressure on your senator. Anchor a press event June 20 or 21 to advocate for home mortgage relief in your state. The Center for Responsible Lending is creating a report and briefing paper showing the impact and benefits of mortgage relief in your state. This report serves as a powerful news hook, around which to create a press event. See resource materials above.

2) PUBLISH AN OP-ED: Submit an op-ed to the paper of record in your state, for publication June 20-28. See sample op-ed above.

3) WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Organize your membership to submit letters to the editor from members in support of bills, June 21 - 28. See sample LTE above.

4a) COLLECT SIGNATURES FOR THE NATIONAL PETITION: Help collect signatures on this national petition to Congress by Rebuild the Dream. Petition signatures will be delivered the week of the Senate vote.

4b) OR LAUNCH YOUR OWN PETITION: Collect signatures on a petition crafted by and for your membership to help build your list. Rebuild the Dream is creating a tool to provide any group with the technology and support to do this easily. Stay tuned. The tool will be released the week of June 11. 5) MAKE PHONE CALLS TO THE SENATE: Organize your membership on call-in days to directly pressure your Senator(s) the week of June 25, when the vote is expected. Collectively, we will generate thousands of calls to the Senate. Call script and instructions coming soon.


We have an opportunity to help millions of families and to draw bright lines around what is at stake in this election year. Nearly half of all home loans have interest rates that are too high, compared to the record low interest rates now available. A third of home loans are financially underwater. Many homeowners want to refinance to lower rates but can’t.

Here’s a no-brainer solution: Help homeowners to simply refinance to take advantage of the low interest rates now available. Fix the rules so banks don't stand in the way. And have the federal government cover closing costs. Congress will soon vote on a home mortgage relief plan that would do just this. Nationwide, this plan would help up to 13 million eligible homeowners save a total $35 billion annually. This solution is an important stop-gap measure to provide immediate relief for millions of underwater homeowners. It is a step in the right direction on the larger issues of principle reduction and banker fraud -- and moves homeowners to the center of the political debate.

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