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Van's book, "Rebuild the Dream," comes out next Wednesday, April 4th (you can order it here). We're really, really excited. It's a great read and an excellent conversation-starter. Here's the email we sent out this morning:
When I started writing my new book, Rebuild the Dream, I was thinking about you and the millions of Americans like you who voted for hope and change in 2008. We found out that it was a lot harder than we thought. As a grassroots outsider who became a White House insider, I have a special perspective on the challenges, which I want to share with you. In the book I write about a lot of things:
  • For the first time, I share my experiences working in the Obama White House -- and reveal the seven biggest mistakes that grassroots progressives and the President made before the 2010 mid-term elections.
  • I say what I think about the Tea Party -- and detail the many things it does well.
  • While assessing the Occupy Wall Street movement, I propose two rhetorical tricks that could propel the 99 Percent movement to new heights.
  • I explain how we can create jobs for millions of Americans -- including veterans coming home, debt-burdened students and our public employees (such as teachers, cops and firefighters) who are being thrown under the bus.
  • Most importantly I talk about what we must do during Obama's second term to have many, many more victory parties.
But ultimately this book is just the prologue to what comes next, and that is why I wrote it for you. America is not broke. We are a rich nation, and we can do much better than we are doing. We need a game plan for victories now and in the years to come. To win, we need to build a grassroots movement as big as anything we’ve ever seen -- on scale with the historic civil rights movement. This book offers my best thinking about how we can get there. I hope you will buy the book for yourself, your friends and your family. Our movement for hope and change is just getting started. Sincerely, Van Jones P.S. -- Tonight (March 30) I'm going to be a guest on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher to talk about my book and our movement. If you don't get a chance to catch the show, we'll be putting the video online to make sure you get to see it. 

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