The Contract for the American Dream

Contract for the American Dream We've seen the way that corporations, big banks, insurance companies, and oil companies have run the economy and the government over the last decade, and now we're living with the results. We think it's time that the American people once again called the shots, and we're asking you to do something about it. We're counting on you to help draft a people-powered Contract for the American Dream. We want YOUR ideas - no idea is too big or too small. Thousands of people all across America just like you will submit ideas and reflect on plans submitted by others. Each day this week, we'll roll out a different topic area for ideas. Today, it's good jobs. In the coming days, we'll talk about education, taxes, and labor rights, to name a few. And on July 16 and 17, thousands of us will meet in homes, churches, and community centers to talk face to face about the best of the ideas that have been submitted. The final draft will be a truly awesome document created by a community of friends and neighbors throughout the country, powered by the hopes and dreams of thousands of Americans and tempered by the wisdom of your collective experiences. And don't forget to share the Contract for the American Dream with your friends and family! The more people who share their ideas and rate those submitted by others, the stronger the Contract will be. Click through to the Contract, share your ideas, and reflect on what other people have submitted. Share it with friends, and ask them to do the same. If you need a little inspiration, noted economist and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich has a short video for you about how public investment can help create jobs: Thanks in advance for sharing!

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