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Van Jones wants YOU to run for office

And we do, too:Van's right. Because city halls, state legislatures, and Congress are filled with millionaire businessmen and lawyers, it's easy to see why their laws and policies increasingly don't work for ordinary Americans. We need people like teachers, nurses, and firefighters to start representing us at all levels.If you've thought about running for office at any level, or if you know someone who would make a good candidate, please check out our friends at

VIDEO: Occupy Together!

Help this #occupy video reach millions of Americans on TV. Watch, share and tweet it!

Starting TODAY: Jobs Not Cuts Week of Action

Today is the start of a "Jobs Not Cuts" Week of Action. So far we are at 275 events nation-wide, many of them in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. Let's push up our numbers! From actions protesting bank foreclosures to local rallies against more layoffs, our goal is to escalate our demand for Jobs Not Cuts in every corner of the country. Click here to host an event or find one in your area.Today kicks off the Jobs Not Cuts Week of ActionAnd with the Senate vote on the jobs bill tomorrow night, now is the time to call your member of Congress. Demand jobs not cuts. Find your member's contact information here

VIDEO: Interview with Adam Green of

We have another dispatch from the Take Back the American Dream Conference, this time from the inimitable Adam Green, the co-founder of Bold Progressives.

Take Back the American Dream Highlights, Day 2

Miss out on the video from the conference yesterday? We've got some great highlights of Day Two's action:

VIDEO: Interview with Drew Westen

The amazing Drew Westen is a psychologist who has lent his insights on human emotion to progressives with his book The Political Brain. Here's a great interview with Westen at the Take Back the American Dream conference:

VIDEO: Take Back the American Dream Recap, Day 1

Here's a look back at some of the highlights of the first day of the Take Back the American Dream conference:

VIDEO: America will stand up and fight back

Robert Reich at the Take Back the American Dream Conference on how Americans will fight back against "regressive" politics. 

VIDEO: "We are all in this together"

Nelini Stamp from the Working Families Party speaking about Wednesday's solidarity march with Occupy Wall Street: "This is a message of solidarity that we're all in this together. This isn't about one group or one part of the movement, this is a movement of the people of the United States of America."

VIDEO: "We are walking different!"

Van Jones on the reason for President Obama's recent populist turn: