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Missed the Debates? Van Jones gives the run-down on CNN

Throughout the presidential debates, Van Jones was on CNN giving the progressive point of view. Watch and find out why the Republicans would have given up at the first failed rocket of the space race and why conservative ideas put jobs in Iowa at risk.

VIDEO: Van Jones Talks Up Occupy Wall Street on AC360

Van Jones just completely destroyed rightwing Congressman Peter King (R-NY) in a discussion about Occupy Wall Street on AC360 last night. Watch it now:

Wells Fargo CEO Mic-Checked in Minnesota

When Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf showed up in Minnesota to give a speech, he didn't realized what sort of welcome he would receive. Check it out:

"The Story of Broke"

Ever wonder why the chattering pundits on Fox News keep saying that "we're broke", yet our government seems to find hundreds of billions to spend on new military equipment and subsidies for agribusiness giants and oil companies every year? Yeah, me too. From the people that brought you the wonderful "Story of Stuff", here's an explanation. We're not actually broke - we just waste too much money propping up "the dinosaur economy." Check it out:

Move Your Money!!

Angry that the banks that crashed our economy are making record profits? Move your money!

Host a Teach-In: How the 1% Crashed the Economy

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Photo used under a Creative Commons license from Flickr user boatwrightlibrary"][/caption]As we move forward as a movement, it's important to arm ourselves with the facts, to teach other and discuss just why middle class wages have stagnated while executive compensation has soared even after they crashed the economy. That's why we're scheduling teach-ins all across the country on November 9.Read on...

VIDEO: Robert Reich's 5x5

Always a lively interview, Robert Reich sat down with MoveOn to answer 5 questions. He starts off with a very personal story about what motivates him to fight for the American Dream.Take a look:

When it comes to Occupy Wall Street, Which Side are You On?

This is an absolutely amazing look back at what happened at Occupy Wall Street and around the world last weekend. Check it out:

VIDEO: This is what a win looks like!

Here's the moment that Occupy organizers announced to the assembled crowd of thousands that Bloomberg has dropped his push to remove the protesters for the time being:Elation! Euphoria! Over the years, Americans gotten used to getting a big turnout in massive protests, only to lose the battle. No longer. We are winning.

7 Lies About the Economy - Robert Reich

Check out this incredibly brief tutorial from Robert Reich on seven false statements about the economy. Understanding these big lies is key to understanding how a conservative policy agenda has slowly killed our economy for three decades. Reich is former U.S. Secretary of Labor and a widely respected political economist.Knowledge is power - let's spread the truth: