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Hundreds of Homeowners Call Congress Demanding A Vote For Homeowner Relief

Yesterday, Rebuilders from across the country spoke up for homeowners and demanded a vote to force banks to allow responsible homeowners to refinance their mortgages at today’s record-low interest rates.Hundreds of calls have been reported so far! If you haven’t already please take 60 seconds  to call your senator and demand they pass this commonsense bill before the August recess.Here's yesterday's email from Ian in case you missed it:

Rebuilder,This week Rebuilders in swing states are delivering tens of thousands of your signatures to local Senate offices, demanding that Congress force banks to allow responsible homeowners to refinance their mortgages at today’s record-low interest rates.Homeowners are in serious trouble, while banks rake in record profits and Congress sits on its hands. Our efforts have definitely got their attention, but right now, we’re hearing conflicting reports about Congress's willingness to pass this legislation. So we don’t know for sure what they plan to do.If we can force a vote, it will help make the housing crisis an election year issue. So we need to figure out -- fast -- where the Senate stands, because we only have one week before Congress goes on recess. After that the only thing they will care about is the November election.Can you take 60 seconds to call your senators to find out their position on homeowner relief legislation?Just click here to go to our call page. We have all the information you need, including:
  • Your senators' phone numbers
  • A quick script for what questions to ask (the whole call should take under a minute)
  • A form where you can report back what you found out
We're sending this message to enough people to get about 5 phone calls per senate office, which should be just enough to get the information we need. And along the way, we'll also send a clear signal that everyday voters really care about this solution. That could be enough to force a vote.This is a commonsense proposal that will keep folks in their homes. There’s no reason Congress shouldn’t pass this -- but we all know how Washington works.If we can just force a vote, however, then the millions of 'Underwater Voters' will know who to hold accountable in November for Washington's inaction.Click here to go to our call page and let us know where your Senators stand on homeowner relief legislation.Speak up today and let them know you're paying attention, that you vote, and that you'll remember what they did (or didn't do) while people were losing their homes.Thanks,Ian and the Rebuild the Dream team

Rebuilders Deliver Petitions For Homeowner Relief

Rebuilders are delivering over 30,000 signatures to Senate offices in Ohio, Maine, Florida and Massachusetts as part of the Hope for Homeowners campaign.Why? To demand Congress force banks to let responsible homeowners refinance their mortgages at today's low interest rates. The package of home mortgage relief legislation  (S. 3085, S. 2909, S. 3407) will pave the way for responsible homeowners to reduce their monthly bills and stay in their homes.Patricia in Massachusetts and Faye in Maine were two of the first to deliver their petitions. Faye is a retired grandmother who originally bought her currently underwater home to be closer to her grandchildren. After being laid off from her job, her little house isn't becoming the nice retirement home she planed. Patricia is a single mom and an underwater homeowner who has lived in her home for eight years with excellent credit and current mortgage payments. Both these rebuilders would benefit from the lower payments from interest rate reduction on their homes through the home mortgage relief bills. 

Faye in Maine: "Delivering the petitions felt like an honor. The responsibility was daunting. Senator Snowe's office was most gracious, and even helpful.Area Representative for York County, Peter Morin was most accommodating, but the delivery of the petitions to Senator Collins' office into the hands of her office representative met with a more non-committal response.I am grateful to have been able to provide some support and " voice" for the under- represented, and challenged folks of Maine whose housing values have been so crushed. We all deserve better." 

Patricia in Massachusetts: "Like millions of other Americans, my home is underwater and at risk of foreclosure.If I had the ability to refinance my mortgage I could save hundreds of dollars a month -- and my son and I could stay in our home. But even though I haven’t missed a payment in six years, I’m unable to get any relief.However, a few months ago I received an email from Rebuild the Dream asking me to share my housing story. Last week I delivered thousands of signatures in support of Hope for Homeowners legislation to Senator Scott Brown along with a letter sharing my story and explaining how the bills would help me and my family.When I went to Bank of America to discuss my loan and see if I was eligible to refinance, they told me they no longer held my loan and directed me to Fannie Mae -- who has ignored my repeated attempts to reach them. But when I delivered thousands of signatures to Senator Scott Brown’s office, it got his attention. His staff followed up immediately offering to help and to strongly consider supporting the legislation currently before Congress.Too often voices like mine get ignored while the big banks always find an open door. That’s why the work Rebuild the Dream is doing is so important.I know I’m not the only one like this. Lots of people are suffering, and the banks aren’t helping, and we have to do something to help people out, or else they’re going to lose their homes."

What is a house?


A house is not just a piece of property -- it's a space for families and friends to make memories, share struggle and triumph and happiness, and feel safe and secure.For millions of Americans, that's all slipping away, in the most heartbreaking ways.Dozens of Rebuilders have shared their stories of loss and hardship on our America Underwater Tumblr blog. With the news dominated by the latest polls and politics instead of what's really happening to America, we couldn't think of a better time to get this out there.Check out the America Underwater photo blog and share with your friends and family -- Tweet it, share on Facebook, email it. Lift up the voices of other Rebuilders.A few months ago, in partnership with The New Bottom Line, we asked Rebuilders across America whose homes were underwater to submit a photo of themselves standing in front of their home with a piece of paper denoting how much their home was underwater -- meaning they owed more on their home than it was worth. Dozens of homeowners sent in their stories and photos.You can't read these stories and stay on the fence about helping homeowners. If you share this blog and even one friend reads it, you've created real change.We are quickly approaching a vote to pass legislation that would allow homeowners who are current on their payments to refinance their homes. Reading these stories reminds us of what is really at stake here. Places where memories are made. Places for families and friends to gather. Homes.Chances are, you know someone whose home is underwater. It is painful, frustrating, confusing, and isolating. When someone shares their personal story, they start feeling like they have the power to change things. When people feel empowered, they are moved to action. When people are moved to action, it is almost impossible to stop them.Please read the America Underwater Tumblr photo blog and share if you feel moved.

Mortgage Relief For Homeowners Now

A staggering 15.7 million American mortgages are currently underwater -- one in three mortgages nationwide. Millions more are unable to refinance at historically low rates, leaving them paying thousands in additional interest each month.A series of bills currently in Congress could save 4.2 million homeowners an average of $2,500 each year, a total of $10 billion annually, but we need to make sure they pass.Today, Rebuild the Dream is launching a new national campaign to help millions of struggling families keep their homes. Throughout June, “Hope for Homeowners” will spearhead a coalition of underwater homeowners and partner organizations in on-the-ground actions and petition deliveries to senators in 13 key states -- NV, FL, ME, MA, OH, AZ, GA, MO, NC, PA, TN, VA, and WI.Rebuild the Dream will be joined by coalition partners, which include the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, U.S. PIRG, the Center for Responsible Lending, Americans United for Change, and many more.“We’re going to mobilize Americans to demand bold action to help struggling homeowners through the November elections and beyond, and this nationwide on-the-ground effort is just the first step,” said Natalie Foster, CEO of Rebuild the Dream. “Congress has a chance to pass home mortgage relief that would save a homeowner thousands each year, spark the economy, and provide hope to millions of Americans.”The three bills supported by this campaign are:? “The Responsible Homeowners Act,” which helps families refinance with historically low interest rates and is sponsored by Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ)? “The Rebuild Equity Act,” which helps homeowners get above water faster with shorter mortgages, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR)? “Expanding Refinancing Opportunities Act,” which expands refinancing options for homeowners with non-federally guaranteed loans, sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)Together these bills will provide support to millions of underwater homeowners across America. This campaign is the first stage in a larger effort to stem the foreclosure crisis through economic relief for underwater homeowners, and to prevent any future economic disasters by investigating the mortgage fraud by banks and lenders responsible for the crisis.“While the bankers who put us in this mess roam free, American families are drowning,” said Van Jones, co-founder of Rebuild the Dream. “This is just one step toward ending the mortgage crisis, but for millions of Americans it could mean the difference between losing and keeping their homes.”