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Wahooo! We Did It!

We just saved Americans $22 billion. I'll say it again -- it's still sinking in for me! -- our movement just saved Americans $22 billion.The House and Senate just passed a bill to stop a hike on federal student loan interest rates. Congress just avoided a huge catastrophe. But they didn't do it out of the goodness of their hearts. They did it because hundreds of thousands of people stood up and made them do it. WE made them do it.Just look at all the blood, sweat, and phone calls behind this grassroots victory:
  • 330,000 letters and petition signatures
  • 16,000 phone calls
Our Millennial Organizer, 23-year-old Molly Katchpole, deserves a huge high-five on this. From taking on the Sallie Mae shareholder meeting to championing the fight on MSNBC, she has brought energy, passion, and real vision to this win.We saw this fight coming and stood with partners to take it on before it was national news. Together, we MADE it national news. Young people shared their stories with the press. We put Rep. Virginia Foxx in check when she tried to downplay the struggles of students, saying she had "very little tolerance" for people with student debt. President Obama came out strong on the issue, and Mitt Romney quickly followed. In the weeks leading up to the July 1 deadline, our fight was a top national story, and Congress couldn't ignore it.We did this. Now let's show them what else we can do.$22 billion. Dang! :)-VanP.S. -- I know this feels like a moment to sit back and take in the huge victory we just scored. But our fight against student debt and for an economy that works for all is just beginning, and we need to ride this momentum. Make a donation now and let's show everyone that we're only getting started.Savings Explanation: If Congress had failed to act, it would have cost students $22 billion over the next four years. Instead, thanks to your hard work, Congress passed a one-year extension that saves students $6.7 billion this year and leaves the door open to more savings in the future.

This Advertisement is Brought to You By The American People

Every day, politicians read their morning papers, which are filled with ads from well-funded organizations, trade groups and SuperPACs. This week, they got one from the everyday Americans they represent.


Over 1,000 Rebuild the Dream members pitched in to publish this ad, reminding Congress that while we may not have the same lobbying power student loan providers may have, we do have voting power. Now Washington is taking notice, and members of Congress will remember this as they vote on the bill to prevent Stafford loan rates from doubling.This vote could happen any time in the next two days, and it's more important than ever to call your Senators and tell them to keep student loan rates affordable. Click here to find your representatives and make the call.

'Don't Double My Rate' Is In Your Local Paper

Last week, Patrick, a Rebuild the Dream member from St. Louis, got his letter to the editor published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.Using Rebuild the Dream's Letter to the Editor tool, Patrick was able to write his letter and send it straight to the editor of his local paper. “Without the help of Rebuild the Dream, I would not have been able to help spread the word about the current student loan interest rate increase. I hope more people use their resources to get the message out,” said Patrick.We're glad to see these letters springing up across the country and want you to join in on the fun.Read Patrick's letter and write one of your own using Rebuild the Dream's letter to the editor tool.
A big dealOn July 1, the interest rate on government-subsidized Stafford loans will double. College students can't take on more debt, yet Congress hasn't made any substantial moves to prevent the rate from doubling.When banks can borrow money at near-zero percent interest, it is absurd for the interest rates to double for student loans.Student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion. Congress should be told that students can't afford for the interest rate to double. This is a big deal.Patrick from St. Louis
Did you read another Don't Double My Rate letter in your local paper? Or did your letter get published? Share in the comments!

Camille Rivera: The Student Debt Trap

This is a great article from our friend Camille Rivera, the executive director of UnitedNY AND a mother whose daughter would be affected by the July 1st student loan interest rate hike.Rivera writes:
"The statistics are overwhelming. College tuition and fees are almost six times higher than they were in 1985, while consumer prices have only doubled in that time.According to the College Board, between 2002 and 2012, in-state tuition and fees at public four-year colleges and universities increased at an average rate of 5.6 percent per year beyond the rate of inflation.And CNN reported that tuition at the average public university increased eight percent in the last year and is expected to go higher....Students' only hope is that Congress gets its act together to keep student loan interest rates low, and that President Obama makes good on his promise to cut funding to colleges that don't rein in tuition costs."

With 10 Days Until Stafford Rates Double, Here's What You Can Do

We have less than 10 days remaining before rates on federal Stafford loans are set to double. What are you going to do to stop it?For those of you new to this issue, July 1st is when the low interest rates on federal Stafford loans expire, doubling rates on millions of students attending college this fall. Without this new plan, students borrowing the maximum could pay up to an additional $5,000 over the repayment of their loan.Keeping education affordable with financial aid is a no-brainer. Congress was set to pass this bill in May before Senate Republicans voted to defeat a bill that would have kept federal Stafford rates low, in order to save a corporate tax loophole. With the clock ticking, we need you to take action now before the July 1st deadline. Here's how you can help!

1. Make Calls (Or Get Your Friends To Make Calls)

Did your senators vote against Don't Double in May? Tell them that you noticed and will be voting.Click here to use our call tool. If your senator voted against the last bill, we'll give you the office number, a script, and 5-second quick survey to keep track of your calls. When Senate offices get a large number of phone calls from their constituents on one issue, they take notice.If you get an error message, your senators are already on board. Share the call tool with your friends in different states.

2. Change Your Profile Picture

Do your friends know their student loan rates will be doubling this year? Help your friends out. Spread the word by changing your profile picture. We've set up a tool to add a "Don't Double My Rate" ribbon on your Twitter or Facebook profile. After you change your profile picture, be sure to change your status and let your friends know the July 1st deadline is closer than they think.

3. Write a Letter to the Editor

Your congressional offices read every local newspaper and every editorial in those papers. Make your statement somewhere they can't ignore you.Use our Letter to the Editor tool to write a letter to your local newspaper.Editorials in support of Don't Double My Rate are already springing up across the country, but they need to hear your story, and they need to hear it soon.We're counting on you to win this fight to reduce student debt, so spread the word by clicking the "Like" and "Tweet" buttons on this post when you're done.

Watch Our American Dream Conference Live

Monday to Wednesday of this week is our big Take Back the American Dream conference in Washington DC. If you weren't able to attend in person, you can still see the live stream of all the great speakers and interesting panels online. Read the schedule here, and watch live on this page. Visit for more details on the conference.

You Probably Already Know This: Six Facts On Student Debt

Since you've been following the latest on student loan debt, you probably already know that it's out of control, and that on July 1st, it's about to get way worse if we don't do something. But do your friends know that?Probably not. And if they have student debt, they really need to. It's time to drop some knowledge.Our internal studies show that if you share this graphic with your friends on Facebook, they will instantly become 100% more knowledgeable about the student loan crisis. Don't you want that for your friends? Another reason for sharing and spreading knowledge:It's only three weeks until Congress decides if they actually care about the future of higher education in America (i.e. -- three weeks until the interest rate on subsidized Stafford loans doubles). This means that the Senate needs to be pressured into actually caring, because they really haven't brought their game to the table lately. Republicans have been offering really terrible pay-fors that frankly, we should all be insulted by. More knowledge about student loan debt = more passion = higher stakes in Washington.Sources for graphic:[1] Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: "Too big to fail: Student debt hits a trillion."[2] Business Insider: "Student loan debt has shot up nearly 300% in the past decade."[3] Demos: "The Great Cost Shift: How higher education cuts undermine the middle class."[4] U.S. Department of Labor: Garnishment law.[5] NOLO: Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy[6] NPR: "Students to Congress: Don't let my interest rate double."

Student Debt Stories From Our Members.

Rebuild the Dream has over 600,000 members across the country. Below is a guest blog post from one of our members, Argun M. Ulgen, a public interest attorney in New York City with student debt. He pays $650 each month for his student loans. Read more stories and share your own at our "Real People, Real Student Debt" action center.I've come to accept that if you want to argue on behalf of our Constitution's ten canonized amendments, then your salary isn't going to be very high, and your pay scale will remain a very mild slope. This comes with the turf of being in a profession on the fringe of a predominantly corporate-capitalistic culture. However, what I still struggle to accept is that because I am on this fringe, because I chose a job that subscribes to my progressive beliefs, I am levied 20% of my disposable income - about $650 a month in student debt - with no immediate financial relief in sight.Every month, even after nearly ten years as a public servant, I am reminded that I cannot apply this $650 debt to contribute to charitable foundations or to grassroots organizations that may help some of my indigent clients stay out of court. I cannot invest this sizeable sum of cash into buying a new home or investing in companies that seek to effectuate my political beliefs (e.g., environmental research companies). Contribute that money to my mom's retirement fund? Forget it.Basically, there is no way that I can for the next several years contribute or invest this massive sum of money into anything I believe in. I'm 33 years old - in my lifetime, I have studied hard and earned high grades, and then chose a profession which I was taught was altruistic and important for the preservation of our Democracy. Still, $650 of my hard earned money must go to the bottomless stomach of a debt collector. This sum is a constant reminder that if I chose to participate in corporate culture instead, I may not have this albatross hanging around my neck.Those who have public interest based political or socio-economic objectives should not be punished by having to garnish a massive percentage of their salaries to a "belief debt" collector. Rather, these public servants should have a little more economic leverage in our political climate. Really, so should all students whose incomes just can't realistically handle both paying off massive debt and making positive contributions to our economy and polity. All people who work for low paying professions they believe in should speak out against "belief debt."One way to attain this goal is to lobby universities to spend less money on "state of the art" residence halls or fitness centers, and more on grants on loan forgiveness for those who choose to use their degrees for public interest jobs like antidiscrimination and free housing organizations, civil liberties, and environmental protection. Also, a by far more generous and immediate income-sensitive student loan forgiveness will not only put more money into our mainstream economy, but will ensure that a more diverse and representative set of our country's polity will have a stronger voice in our current political climate.Argun M. Ulgen is a public interest attorney in the greater NYC area. What do you think of Argun's ideas? Chime in at the comment section.

Mortgage Relief For Homeowners Now

A staggering 15.7 million American mortgages are currently underwater -- one in three mortgages nationwide. Millions more are unable to refinance at historically low rates, leaving them paying thousands in additional interest each month.A series of bills currently in Congress could save 4.2 million homeowners an average of $2,500 each year, a total of $10 billion annually, but we need to make sure they pass.Today, Rebuild the Dream is launching a new national campaign to help millions of struggling families keep their homes. Throughout June, “Hope for Homeowners” will spearhead a coalition of underwater homeowners and partner organizations in on-the-ground actions and petition deliveries to senators in 13 key states -- NV, FL, ME, MA, OH, AZ, GA, MO, NC, PA, TN, VA, and WI.Rebuild the Dream will be joined by coalition partners, which include the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, U.S. PIRG, the Center for Responsible Lending, Americans United for Change, and many more.“We’re going to mobilize Americans to demand bold action to help struggling homeowners through the November elections and beyond, and this nationwide on-the-ground effort is just the first step,” said Natalie Foster, CEO of Rebuild the Dream. “Congress has a chance to pass home mortgage relief that would save a homeowner thousands each year, spark the economy, and provide hope to millions of Americans.”The three bills supported by this campaign are:? “The Responsible Homeowners Act,” which helps families refinance with historically low interest rates and is sponsored by Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ)? “The Rebuild Equity Act,” which helps homeowners get above water faster with shorter mortgages, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR)? “Expanding Refinancing Opportunities Act,” which expands refinancing options for homeowners with non-federally guaranteed loans, sponsored by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)Together these bills will provide support to millions of underwater homeowners across America. This campaign is the first stage in a larger effort to stem the foreclosure crisis through economic relief for underwater homeowners, and to prevent any future economic disasters by investigating the mortgage fraud by banks and lenders responsible for the crisis.“While the bankers who put us in this mess roam free, American families are drowning,” said Van Jones, co-founder of Rebuild the Dream. “This is just one step toward ending the mortgage crisis, but for millions of Americans it could mean the difference between losing and keeping their homes.”

Watch Van Jones at Netroots Nation this Saturday!

Can't make it out to Providence to watch Van give the closing keynote at Netroots Nation this weekend? Watch it live from your laptop here.The keynote starts at 4:30 PM EDT on Saturday. We’ll also hear from NAACP President Benjamin T. Jealous, Congressman David Cicilline (RI-01), Carol Shea-Porter, Rhode Island State Representative Teresa Tanzi and Chuck Rocha.
Watch live streaming video from fstv1 at
You can watch Van on the Netroots Nation's website or  onthe live stream above at 4:30 PM Eastern time on Saturday.