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Van Jones on the Ed Show

Van Jones made an appearance on the Ed Show last night. He talked about the growing movement that's building in America to oppose the cut-first mentality and to build a real working economy for all Americans. Watch it here:

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The Contract for the American Dream

We've seen the way that corporations, big banks, insurance companies, and oil companies have run the economy and the government over the last decade, and now we're living with the results. We think it's time that the American people once again called the shots, and we're asking you to do something about it. We're counting on you to help draft a people-powered Contract for the American Dream. We want YOUR ideas - no idea is too big or too small. Thousands of people all across America just like you will submit ideas and reflect on plans submitted by others. Each day this week, we'll roll out a different topic area for ideas. Today, it's good jobs. In the coming days, we'll talk about education, taxes, and labor rights, to name a few. And on July 16 and 17, thousands of us will meet in homes, churches, and community centers to talk face to face about the best of the ideas that have been submitted. The final draft will be a truly awesome document created by a community of friends and neighbors throughout the country, powered by the hopes and dreams of thousands of Americans and tempered by the wisdom of your collective experiences.And don't forget to share the Contract for the American Dream with your friends and family! The more people who share their ideas and rate those submitted by others, the stronger the Contract will be. Click through to the Contract, share your ideas, and reflect on what other people have submitted. Share it with friends, and ask them to do the same.If you need a little inspiration, noted economist and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich has a short video for you about how public investment can help create jobs:Thanks in advance for sharing!

VIDEO: Lie #1, "America is broke."

One of the most insidious lies currently being spread is that America is broke, too poor to afford police, teachers, and firefighters, and Medicare, Social Security and other important programs. Van Jones explains in detail just how much of a lie that is and fills us in on what actually is "broke" in America.

Human Rights Summer

On Independence Day, as we light fireworks, flip hamburgers on the grill, and celebrate our country's two centuries of freedom, it's worth remembering that the vast majority of Americans that have enriched our history don't descend directly from the colonists who threw off the yoke of British rule. Most of them arrived poor from far off lands and mistrusted by their new American neighbors, hoping and working for a better life than the one they left behind.And so it is today for immigrants in the state of Georgia, where the state legislature passed a blatantly anti-immigrant bill that gives the state sweeping powers to stop and detain citizens and non-citizens alike if they cannot prove their citizenship when stopped by police, and to jail people for aiding undocumented workers in any way.But immigrants and allies in Georgia are fighting back. On Friday, Hispanic businesses and workers participated in a "Day without Immigrants" by closing their doors and not coming into work. The aim was to show Georgia by their absence what a major part of the economic and social life immigrants have become in the state.And on Saturday, between eight and fourteen thousand immigrants and their allies in the human rights, faith and labor communities rallied around the Georgia state capitol. Families decried the fact that they would be broken up, legal residents who "looked foreign" protested that they might be detained if they didn't carry documentation at all times, and civil rights activists from older generations supported their brothers and sisters against attacks against all people of color.

"You are my brothers and my sisters," Reverend Tim McDonald told the crowd. "Some years ago, they told people like me we couldn't vote. We did what you are doing today. We are going to send a message to the powers that be ... that when the people get united, there is no government that can stop them. Don't let them turn you around."

The events of this weekend are part of a kickoff for a Human Rights Summer in Georgia. Immigration activists have organized a boycott/buycott in the state, where immigrants and allies refuse to buy from stores that cooperate with the new law. Instead, they will only buy from stores that signal their unwillingness to cooperate with law enforcement that harasses customers and employees over their suspected immigration status.Immigrants have also pointed out that they are being demonized while the real problems in the state are continually being ignored. The foreclosure crisis and continued job crisis haven't been addressed with any serious efforts, while the legislature found plenty of time to crank out a harsh bill that attacks immigrants and anyone who has regular contact with them, potentially even nuns driving a van full of immigrants to Mass.

"All Are Created Equal"

This is perhaps the most beautiful part of Van Jones' presentation from our launch last week. Jones talks about the moral argument for our movement, that we want a better America for everyone, even our opponents. We don't want anyone to live in a neighborhood without police or fire protection. Nor do we want anyone's children to go to school in a classroom with 45 kids, 6 books, and no chalk. We remember that the pledge doesn't stop with the word "liberty"; it ends with the words "and justice for all."Watch it now!

Rolling the right wing back in Ohio

As we previously noted, We Are Ohio collected enough signatures to put a measure on the November ballot to repeal SB5, a draconian bill passed by Gov. John Kasich to strip workers of their rights. The number needed to put the repeal on the ballot was around 230,000 verified signatures. We Are Ohio tried to get almost twice that number, just to make sure that they cleared the bar if some signatures ended up being disqualified. The early estimates were that they beat that goal by a mile, with about 700,000.The final number? 1,298,301.That's over one million signatures in excess of the quarter million signature goal, collected from all 88 counties in Ohio, delivered in 1,502 boxes in an 18 wheeler accompanied in a parade of 6,000 marching to the state capitol. Anyway you slice those numbers, it spells a major victory in the fight against rightwing efforts to erode the foundations of the middle class. The next step will be a referendum on November 8.Rachel Maddow had an excellent segment on this very topic last night:

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Rebuild the Dream Launch: Full Video now available in HD

The full one hour forty-eight minute long version of our launch event is now available in eye-popping HD! You can watch it here:

Rebuild the Dream - Full Event from Official Channel on Vimeo.

The Three Pillars

Here's another highlight from Van Jones' presentation at our launch. In the clip, Van talks about the Three Pillars necessary for the growth and sustenance of a thriving American middle class.Watch it now!

Launch Event Transcript, with a little extra

We've gotten a lot of requests for a transcript of Van Jones' presentation last Thursday. We've got it right here, and we've added some bonus features.First, we added in citations to back up the points that he made. For example, where Van talked about how we're not broke, we were robbed, and somebody has got our money, there are helpful links to a Wall Street Journal article on $144 billion in Wall Street bonuses during an abysmal economy, and a Congressional Research Service report on the $1.3 trillion cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We've also got Van's charts on rising income inequality in America. Even though American workers have been increasingly productive over the last few decades, incomes have remained stagnant for most Americans while they've more than tripled for the top 1%, a result of the conscious effort of corporations and the superrich to take control of our government at all levels.

Read this, bookmark it, and pass it on to your friends!

Rebuild the Dream House Meetings

A lot of you have been asking us, "What's the next step? How can we get started rebuilding the American Dream?" Luckily, you don't have to travel far or wait long. On July 16 and 17, we're asking all Dreamers to meet face to face in house meetings in your very own neighborhoods.These house meetings will serve as a place to create and hone a powerful agenda to rebuild the American Dream. We'll talk to each other about what the American Dream means to us, and about what should be done to take it back. And just as importantly, we will commit to each other to stand together to make it happen.We're pleased to announce that because of your enthusiastic response to Van Jones' livestreamed presentation, we already have 905 907 meetings scheduled across the country! To find the closest one to you, please click the link and enter your ZIP code.  If there are no house meetings scheduled in your area, or if they are already full, no worries! We'll help you host your own meeting, giving you all the materials you'll need to lead the meeting. If you don't think your home is a great place to meet, you can find a coffee shop, community center, church, or other public space.What's most important for all of us to remember is that we are in this together. Van Jones can give us a spark, but it's in our hands to keep the movement going forward. The next step is July 16 and 17