Sustainable Planet at the Rebuild the Dream Village

The word sustainability is usually associated with the planet and environmentalism. Prince is partnering with Rebuild the Dream to highlight organizations promoting ideas to increase green practices. The following organizations will be participating at the Rebuild the Dream Village: Green for All works with business, government, labor and grassroots communities to create and increase quality jobs in the green economy. Founded by Rebuild the Dream's co-founder Van Jones, Green for All is working to create green jobs to lift communities out of poverty. Chicagoland Citizens Climate Lobby is a fast-growing, non-partisan group advocating for good policy in the important area of climate change. Blacks in Green promotes sustainable economic development in black communities in Chicago by weatherizing and improving the cultural heritage and stewardship of the community. Little Village Environmental Justice Organization works with families, coworkers, and neighbors to speak up for the environment where they live. GreenCorps Chicago is the City of Chicago’s green job training program and provides career paths to hard-to-employ Chicagoans with skills for the green economy. Neighbor Space supports community-based ownership and management of small parks throughout Chicago, in order to create and protect green open spaces where community groups start create gardens.

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