Sustainable Food at Rebuild the Dream Village

Next week, Rebuild the Dream will be partnering with Prince to lift up solutions for an economy that works for everyone.  When Prince explained his collaboration with Rebuild the Dream, he said, "It's not political... we're at a place now in this country where we're going to have to work together and stop looking at each other's affiliation and start taking care of each other." In cities across the United States, organizations are working to create a more sustainable society. The goal of the Rebuild the Dream Village is to lift up organizations in four areas:
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Sustainable Economy
  • Sustainable Planet
  • Sustainable Food
These are four organizations working to make food accessible, healthy, and sustainable to all citizens of Chicago. UrbanPonics produces fresh foods year round in the urban neighborhoods using hydroponics -- an agricultural technique allowing crops to be grown without soil. Growing Home provides transitional employment and training in organic agriculture to formerly homeless or incarcerated Chicagoans who face obstacles finding a job. Fresh Moves is tackling food deserts — communities with limited access to fresh food and vegetables needed to maintain a healthy diet — with a mobile farmers market that provides those things. Growing Power provides training, outreach, and technical assistance to create Community Food Centers. Growing Power aims to grow food, grow minds, and grow community.

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