Summer of Discontent: Crowd explodes at Rep. Fred Upton

Congressman Fred Upton (R-MI), recently named to the "Super Committee" that will decide how to balance the budget, faced an angry crowd in Kalamazoo, Michigan yesterday. A woman interrupted Upton at one point, crying out, "How is that you're going to balance the budget on the backs of working people? If you're going to cut, cut from the top!" The crowd exploded in cries of "Bring back jobs!" "We want jobs!" Upton responded with a long story about how he set up a forum that got some extra local production for parts for police vehicles, but didn't really address the woman's question. Upton later stated that he wanted to preserve current benefits for current Medicare retirees, but said basically that it was unavoidable that Medicare would have to be "addressed" in budget talks. Although he refused to answer questions shouted from the crowd whether he would cut Medicare, he didn't really have to. He spoke a lot louder with his vote in April for the Ryan budget, which would have voucherized and cut Medicare had the Senate not blocked it.

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