[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Unlock image courtesy of Flickr user jwinfred, under a Creative Commons license"]Unlock[/caption] Earlier this week, we told you about a California woman, Tanya Dennis, who fought Wells Fargo to keep her home, even getting a locksmith to let her back in to her own house. Due to the pressure of over 1500 e-mails to Wells Fargo executives and an ACCE delegation visit to Wells Fargo headquarters in San Francisco, Wells Fargo has agreed to halt the eviction and to meet with Dennis about a fair modification. It cannot be called a victory for Dennis until she meets with Wells Fargo and has a firm agreement, but it is certainly encouraging to see that people can come together, organize, and win back rights for at least one homeowner. Kudos to ACCE and the Home Defenders League for leading the fight for Tanya Dennis.

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