Short and Strong Student Film Competition


Recently, Van was invited to participate as a guest judge for the Cortos Y Fuertes (Short and Strong) Student Film Competition.

Young people from all over the country submitted short films depicting personal stories of immigrants in their lives. Filmmakers were encouraged to investigate issues within their community and add their voice to the national dialogue on immigration reform.

Below are the six winning films. Watch these moving stories about family, cultural pride, hard work and dreams. We deeply encourage you to share them with your community via Facebook or Twitter.

Best Overall Film: Soledad: A Story of Deportation by Nadia Andrade, 21 years old

Age Category 18 years old and older: Love, Lucy by Lucia Allain, 21 years old

Age Category 14-17: Immigrant, Young and Proud by Alejandro Galeana-Salinas, 17 years old  

A Better Life by Jose Torres, 17 years old


Age Category 13 years old and younger: Isha's Immigration Movie by Isha Sheemar, 12 years old

Renay's Immigration Movie by Renay Sharma, 11 years old

Cortos Y Fuertes /Short and Strong Film Competition is sponsored by the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO and UNITE HERE, the union of hotel and food service workers.


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