Rolling the right wing back in Ohio

As we previously noted, We Are Ohio collected enough signatures to put a measure on the November ballot to repeal SB5, a draconian bill passed by Gov. John Kasich to strip workers of their rights. The number needed to put the repeal on the ballot was around 230,000 verified signatures. We Are Ohio tried to get almost twice that number, just to make sure that they cleared the bar if some signatures ended up being disqualified. The early estimates were that they beat that goal by a mile, with about 700,000. The final number? 1,298,301. That's over one million signatures in excess of the quarter million signature goal, collected from all 88 counties in Ohio, delivered in 1,502 boxes in an 18 wheeler accompanied in a parade of 6,000 marching to the state capitol. Anyway you slice those numbers, it spells a major victory in the fight against rightwing efforts to erode the foundations of the middle class. The next step will be a referendum on November 8. Rachel Maddow had an excellent segment on this very topic last night:

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