Riverside Sheriffs Department won't evict Arturo

In the latest news on veteran Arturo de Los Santos and his family's foreclosure case, the Riverside Sheriffs Department has refused to evict the family from their home, despite Freddie Mac's persistence in taking Arturo to court for refusing to vacate. Freddie Mac refuses to take Arturo's mortgage payments and would rather spend thousands of dollars taking him to court. Read the press release below for more information:

Riverside Sheriffs Department Declines to Evict Homeowner and Family – But Mortgage Giant Freddie Mac Presses on with Arraignment

On Wednesday, Marine Art de los Santos to enter plea regarding contempt charges, fights possible arrest; Homeowner, wife, four kids ask why the bank won’t accept his money instead of pursuing expensive court proceedings

MORENO VALLEY – After weeks of sidestepping questions about why they won’t work with homeowner Art de los Santos on a loan modification and accept his money, on Wednesday, March 14, government-owned mortgage giant Freddie Mac will press on with its effort to have the Marine arrested and his family evicted from their home of ten years.

Last week, the Riverside County Sheriffs Department announced that they wouldn’t be enforcing an eviction order against the family. But rather than working with Art and thousands of other customers facing foreclosure despite their ability to make mortgage payments, Freddie Mac is spending significant time and money attempting to force the De los Santos family out of their home.

What:  Arraignment of Homeowner and Marine Art de los Santos

When: Wednesday, March 14; 8:30 a.m.

Where: Riverside County Superior Court, 4050 Main St., Riverside 92501; Department 7

For months, Art has waged a public campaign to convince Freddie Mac and JP Morgan Chase to reverse the foreclosure and issue him a loan modification, and to stop ignoring the thousands of homeowners in his situation:

•Art, a long-time factory supervisor who spent five years in the Marine Corps, purchased his home almost ten years ago and lives there with his wife and four kids

•in 2009, Art asked JP Morgan Chase for a loan modification, anticipating a drop in hours at work – and was told to miss payments in order to qualify

•after missing some payments, JP Morgan Chase and Freddie Mac granted Art a temporary modification and Art complied with all the terms of the modification

•JP Morgan Chase and Freddie Mac rejected Art for a permanent modification because his income had recovered – but, instead of allowing him to catch up, they quickly foreclosed on the home

•the two companies have consistently refused to reconsider their decision, instead releasing statement after statement that mischaracterize the sequence of events and blame Art for their own mistakes

De los Santos vows to keep fighting on behalf of his family and thousands of homeowners being ignored or improperly foreclosed on by JP Morgan Chase and/or Freddie Mac.


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