Respect DC Flashmob pops up in WalMart

WalMart has announced plans to open four WalMart stores in the Washington D.C. area, which will undercut local businesses and give locals jobs that pay below the poverty line. In response, Respect DC, a local coalition of clergy, workers, students, and environmentalists, has asked WalMart to sign an enforceable community benefits agreement that would guarantee living wage jobs with decent health and retirement options, dignified treatment for its workers, and investment in raising the standard of living in the community. Now, WalMart is a massive corporate behemoth with a practically infinite amount of cash that they can throw at local politicians and newspaper advertising. In order to counter WalMart's massive resource advantage, Respect DC has to get a little creative. And they hit a home run with this example, a flashmob complete with brass band accompaniment and choreographed dancers. Watch it:

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