Residents deposit blighted property trash at bank

Residents on Sinbad Avenue in East San Jose have long dealt with garbage dumped in the yards of foreclosed homes in their neighborhood. Wells Fargo, the title holder for the foreclosure properties, continued to drag their feet on cleaning them up, even after repeated citations from the city. The neglected homes are a drag on the property values in the entire neighborhood and discourage further investment in the community. The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment heard their complaint and helped the street's residents clean up the yard at one of the houses. Instead of hauling it to the dump, however, ACCE brought it to the people who should have been cleaning up after their mess the entire time - Wells Fargo. The city was not sympathethic to Wells Fargo's grumbling about the difficulty of taking care of foreclosed properties. Said code enforcement official Mike Hannon, "Oftentimes, it takes one or two citations to get the message to them that you're in San Jose, you own property, you're expected to maintain that property, and if you don't, here are the consequences." Watch the video:

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