Rebuilders Deliver Petitions For Homeowner Relief

Rebuilders are delivering over 30,000 signatures to Senate offices in Ohio, Maine, Florida and Massachusetts as part of the Hope for Homeowners campaign. Why? To demand Congress force banks to let responsible homeowners refinance their mortgages at today's low interest rates. The package of home mortgage relief legislation  (S. 3085, S. 2909, S. 3407) will pave the way for responsible homeowners to reduce their monthly bills and stay in their homes. Patricia in Massachusetts and Faye in Maine were two of the first to deliver their petitions. Faye is a retired grandmother who originally bought her currently underwater home to be closer to her grandchildren. After being laid off from her job, her little house isn't becoming the nice retirement home she planed. Patricia is a single mom and an underwater homeowner who has lived in her home for eight years with excellent credit and current mortgage payments. Both these rebuilders would benefit from the lower payments from interest rate reduction on their homes through the home mortgage relief bills. Check out the stories from the front lines from Patricia and Faye, two homeowners who just completed petition deliveries to their representatives.

Faye in Maine "Delivering the petitions felt like an honor. The responsibility was daunting. Senator Snowe's office was most gracious, and even helpful. Area Representative for York County, Peter Morin was most accommodating, but the delivery of the petitions to Senator Collins' office into the hands of her office representative met with a more non-committal response. I am grateful to have been able to provide some support and " voice" for the under- represented, and challenged folks of Maine whose housing values have been so crushed. We all deserve better."  

Patricia in Massachusetts "Like millions of other Americans, my home is underwater and at risk of foreclosure. If I had the ability to refinance my mortgage I could save hundreds of dollars a month -- and my son and I could stay in our home. But even though I haven’t missed a payment in six years, I’m unable to get any relief. However, a few months ago I received an email from Rebuild the Dream asking me to share my housing story. Last week I delivered thousands of signatures in support of Hope for Homeowners legislation to Senator Scott Brown along with a letter sharing my story and explaining how the bills would help me and my family. When I went to Bank of America to discuss my loan and see if I was eligible to refinance, they told me they no longer held my loan and directed me to Fannie Mae -- who has ignored my repeated attempts to reach them. But when I delivered thousands of signatures to Senator Scott Brown’s office, it got his attention. His staff followed up immediately offering to help and to strongly consider supporting the legislation currently before Congress. Too often voices like mine get ignored while the big banks always find an open door. That’s why the work Rebuild the Dream is doing is so important. I know I’m not the only one like this. Lots of people are suffering, and the banks aren’t helping, and we have to do something to help people out, or else they’re going to lose their homes."

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