Rebuild the Dream House Meetings

A lot of you have been asking us, "What's the next step? How can we get started rebuilding the American Dream?" Luckily, you don't have to travel far or wait long. On July 16 and 17, we're asking all Dreamers to meet face to face in house meetings in your very own neighborhoods. These house meetings will serve as a place to create and hone a powerful agenda to rebuild the American Dream. We'll talk to each other about what the American Dream means to us, and about what should be done to take it back. And just as importantly, we will commit to each other to stand together to make it happen. We're pleased to announce that because of your enthusiastic response to Van Jones' livestreamed presentation, we already have 905 907 meetings scheduled across the country! To find the closest one to you, please click the link and enter your ZIP code.  If there are no house meetings scheduled in your area, or if they are already full, no worries! We'll help you host your own meeting, giving you all the materials you'll need to lead the meeting. If you don't think your home is a great place to meet, you can find a coffee shop, community center, church, or other public space. What's most important for all of us to remember is that we are in this together. Van Jones can give us a spark, but it's in our hands to keep the movement going forward. The next step is July 16 and 17.  

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