Poll of Obama voters: If you want my vote again, raise taxes on the wealthy!

Looks like Obama will need to go big this week if he wants to get the vote of the people who believed in him in 2008. As President Obama prepares to make a big speech on his as yet unreleased jobs proposal next week, MoveOn.org commissioned a poll from respected pollster SurveyUSA last week to see what sort of proposals Obama's base would respond strongly to. SurveyUSA looked at a statistically significant proportion of people who actually voted for President Obama in 2008, whether they agreed with his lofty rhetoric on supporting middle class programs and clean energy legislation, or whether they were just tired of eight years of Bush. By a wide margin, voters who supported Obama in 2008 overwhelmingly back raising taxes on the wealthy and closing corporate loopholes over the reverse. On the other hand, the surest way for Obama to lose support is to lay out a plan that includes cuts to Social Security or Medicare. * By 5:1, Obama voters want the President to lay out a broad plan for creating jobs and hold Republicans accountable if they block this legislation. * By 5:2, Obama voters say the president should close corporate tax loopholes rather than offer tax breaks to corporations. * Overwhelmingly, Obama voters say closing corporate tax loopholes and raising taxes on the wealthy would make them more likely to support Obama's 2012 re-election. * Overwhelmingly, cuts to Medicare and social security would make Obama voters less likely to support Obama's 2012 re-election. These results bear out for all ideological and partisan groups who supported President Obama's election in 2008. If you want to dig into the numbers a little further, you can view the full results here.

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