Police raid Occupy Boston and arrest...the sink?

Occupy Boston had a bit of a scare on Thursday when police came looking to make an arrest. The victim? The camp's new sink. Farhad Ebrahimi, a participant down at Occupy Boston, recounts the sink brutality: [caption id="attachment_3547" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Picture via @OccupationAlly"]Police seize sink at Occupy Boston[/caption]

Last night, the Boston Police Department arrested our sink. It was a new sink -- designed to be used with greywater -- that had just been delivered by somebody from our logistics team.

The city and the police have been on our case for weeks. We're supposedly unclean. Our dishes are not getting clean enough. So, somebody figured they'd get us a new sink. That's what you clean dishes with, right? This sink was going to be a vital member of our community.

But the police ARRESTED OUR SINK. They literally took it from us by force, threw it in the back of a prisoner wagon, and sped away. That's like telling a kid to do their chores, punching the kid in the face, and then arresting their broom.


We will be sending a table, two chairs, and a bucket to do jail solidarity.

Thanks to Farhad for the anecdote.

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