Our Work

Founded by former White House advisor and CNN Contributor Van Jones, Rebuild the Dream is fighting for an economy that works for everyone — an America that delivers on its promise of opportunity for all.

Dream Justice

Nearly two million people are behind bars in the United States, making it the largest prison system on the planet. Many studies show that high rates of incarceration have proven to be socially and economically destructive to society – particularly to communities of color.

Rebuild The Dream fights for large scale solutions that will end the era of mass incarceration. 

Dream Tech

By 2020, the U.S. Department of Labor estimated that the U.S, economy will create more than 1.4 million tech jobs; yet, only 400,000 computer science graduates will be trained to fill them. Youth of color are almost completely absent in this equation.

There is genius all over our country that goes ignored. Silicon Valley has an insatiable demand for genius, and communities of color have an untapped supply of it. But the pipeline to connect the two is not yet strong enough.

Rebuild The Dream is supporting new pathways to employment for our communities. 

  • For more information, please visit our nonprofit partner, #YesWeCode.

Dream Green

Two of the biggest problems facing our country—and the world—are runaway climate change and rising inequality. We can’t full solve one without addressing the other.

If we eliminate racism and poverty but do nothing to address climate pollution, we’ll all be equal on a planet plagued by floods, drought, disease, and disasters. And we can’t win on climate unless we build a bigger and broader movement that meets the needs of the hardest-hit Americans.

Rebuild The Dream is working to turn the tide on both fronts. 

  • For more information, please visit our nonprofit partner Green For All