Our Vision


Rebuild The Dream works to change the conversation and change hearts as well as minds.

Every great movement in American history began by changing our culture — our society’s understanding of itself — even before it changed our laws. Those seeking a better world have always deployed music, literature, art and theatre to win the people’s hearts and minds away from the status quo. By speaking truth to power and bearing witness against injustice, reformers throughout our history have transformed the core values and beliefs of the American people. Only then, after the cultural ground had shifted underfoot, did sweeping political and policy changes follow.

That is why Rebuild The Dream takes on the range of activities that it does.

We work alongside artists, poets, dancers, painters, and cartoonists to change hearts as well as minds. We partner with celebrities and rock stars to popularize new ideas. We use digital tools and President Van Jones's media platform to make sure issues that matter are part of the public debate.

We also know that change does not happen overnight. We recognize the broad gulf between our nation's founding dream and today's reality, but we are hopeful, positive and focused on solutions.