Obama's job speech tonight streamed LIVE with the American Dream Movement

Tonight, President Barack Obama will unveil his jobs proposal, and we'll be watching. We hope that you'll join us for a very special American Dream Movement livestream of President Obama's speech. The livestream will start at 6:45 Eastern time, and will feature a live chat hosted by MoveOn.org's Daniel Mintz and feature special guests Heather McGhee, an economist at Demos, and Steve Nathan, an unemployed paralegal who knows the downside of the current economy all too well. We’re excited to host our very own online broadcast of the speech, and unlike just watching TV, you get the opportunity to speak your mind as the President pitches his jobs proposal to the nation. It's encouraging to see President Obama returning to job creation after some successes very early in his administration. In the last 18 months, the White House has been too focused on deficit reduction and negotiating over just how deep budget cuts would be, without pushing hard for new funding for American workers and infrastructure, financed by making the rich pay their fair share again. Signs are that President Obama is back on the right track. Let's meet tonight at 6:45 Eastern time to cheer him on when he hits the mark, and to prod him in the right direction if he goes off key. As a bonus, we'll have an official Rebuild the Dream response right after the speech. And as a double bonus for football fans, you won't have to miss kickoff for tonight's Saints-Packers game.

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