Nurses on the march

Nurses march down Wall Street

Organized by the National Nurses Association, registered nurses from around the country marched on Wall Street today to protest the inherent unfairness of Wall Street brokers making off with billions in bonuses and unpaid taxes, while nurses - people who do tangible, valuable work for the rich and poor alike - struggle to put a roof over their heads or put gas in the tank to go to work. The nurses are promoting the Main Street Contract, a seven point resolution to restore fairness to American society:
  • Jobs at living wages, reinvesting in America.
  • Equal access to quality, public education.
  • Guaranteed healthcare for all.
  • A secure retirement, with the ability to retire in dignity.
  • Good housing and protection from hunger.
  • A safe, clean, and healthy environment.
  • A just taxation system where corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.
Watch the video to find out more about why nurses are marching today:  

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