Nation-wide vigils for Scott Olsen

Our hearts and prayers go out to Iraq veteran Scott Olsen and his family. Scott was critically injured by the Oakland Police Department in their crackdown on Occupy Oakland, October 25th. Read this advisory from Iraq Veterans Against the War:

Our hearts and prayers go out to Scott Olsen and his family.

ADVISORY October 27, 2011

Peaceful Vigils for Scott Olsen, Marine veteran with two tours in Iraq, Iraq Veterans Against the War Member (IVAW), critically injured by police projectile at Occupy Oakland on October 25.


IVAW National - Jose Vasquez, Executive Director, IVAW, [email protected], 917-587-3334

IVAW Bay Area - Matt Howard [email protected], 415 819-6430

WHEN & WHERE: Thursday, October 27, 7 pm PST, during the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland at 14th St and Broadway. A call has gone out to the Occupy Movement for Occupy encampments across the nation and world to hold solidarity vigils at this time (7pm in their respective time zones).

WHAT: Candlelight vigil for Scott Olsen, a former Marine, two-time Iraq War veteran, and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, who sustained a skull fracture after being shot in the head on October 25 with a police projectile while peacefully participating in an Occupy Oakland march.  The march began at a downtown library and headed towards City Hall in an effort to reclaim a site—recently cleared by police—that had previously served as an encampment for members of the 99% movement.

WHO: Vigil organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War (Post-9/11 U.S. military veterans and active duty servicemembers organizing against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan) with the Occupy Movement. Speakers include Keith Shannon, who deployed to Iraq with Scott Olsen, and other IVAW members who are Scott's friends and allies.

Scott joined the Marines in 2006, served two-tours in Iraq, and was discharged in 2010.  Scott moved to California from Wisconsin and currently works as a systems network administrator in Daly City, California.

Scott is one of an increasing number of war veterans who are participating in America’s growing Occupy movement. Said Keith Shannon, who deployed with Scott to Iraq, “Scott was marching with the 99% because he felt corporations and banks had too much control over our government, and that they weren’t being held accountable for their role in the economic downturn, which caused so many people to lose their jobs and their homes.”

Scott is currently sedated at a local hospital.  Iraq Veterans Against the Wars sends their deepest condolences to Scott, his family, and his friends.  IVAW also sends their thanks to the brave folks who risked bodily harm to provide care to Scott immediately following the incident.

Donate to the Fund for Scott's medical care here.

And send flowers and cards to Scott: USMC Scott Olsen Highland Hospital 1411 East 31st StreetOakland, CA 94602

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