MSNBC takes note of "Summer of Discontent"

Two summers ago, the media tripped over itself to shine the spotlight on disaffected Republicans angry that Obama was elected president. This summer, thousands of Americans have begun protesting outside lawmakers' offices and district events, clamoring for a real Congressional focus on creating jobs for the first time since March 2009 but without the same national attention that the Tea Party received, although local media outlets have taken note. Now there are signs that some in national media are finally starting to notice. Chris Hayes had an excellent segment on The Last Word about the growing public anger at Congress' lack of attention to jobs in America. (Apologies for the ExxonMobil ad at the start of the video.) From Kenosha to Houston to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, he noted the growing numbers of Americans showing up outside closed-door Republican fundraisers and "private" townhalls (many Republicans have limited "public" appearances in the district to fundraisers or events by supportive organizations who charge admission.)

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Deepak Bhargava, president of one of our close partners, the Campaign for Community Change, also made an appearance on the show. Hayes rightfully described him as one of the smartest people working in Washington, D.C. right now (yes, I know that's a low bar to hurdle) and asked him what he saw out there as someone in touch with local organizers in communities around the country: There's something happening in America, and it's not the Tea Party. We're seeing huge turnouts around the country, pushing on the question of jobs and against the radical proposals on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, a huge amount of enthusiasm out there. And I think people are starting to see that we can't depend on our elected leaders to solve our problems for us, and I'm excited because there's a movement in this country coming together around jobs.

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