Tuesday 11/22: Join 99% March on Washington

Group to finish 230 mile march from NYC to DC 10AM 12:30pm Final March, 12 Noon 2:30pm Press Conference [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo by Kim Weimer, PhillyBurbs.com"][/caption] – last updated 11/22 10:47am ET – UPDATE: March will be 2.5 hours late.

A heroic group of people is marching 230 miles from Wall Street to Washington. Started by a few people at the original occupation in New York City, this group of 50 (and growing) is calling on Congress to stand with the 99%, not the 1%.

The march departed Zucotti Park in NYC on Nov 10. They arrive Tuesday 11/22, a day before the Super Committee was slated to vote. They have marched through the cold and rain every day, all day, enduring rain and freezing weather, bleeding blisters, and aching bodies. They literally put their bodies on the line to draw the connection between Wall Street and Washington. 1) Last Leg of the March: 10am, 12:30pm meet at Rhode Island Ave Metro There is shelter from the rain while folks gather, and parking for those who would drive in. 2) Press Conference at 12 noon 2:30pm at Occupy DC, McPherson Square (15th and K NW) There will be a brief General Assembly at noon, followed by a press conference. Be there to celebrate the heroes' challenging, inspiring, and powerfully symbolic journey. And to call on Congress to stand with the 99%, not the 1%. For those who wish to continue on, the group will then march to the Capitol, where they will set up a temporary occupation on the national mall across from the reflecting pool. Note that on the way to the Capitol, they will stop briefly along the way for a rally of sorts at the other occupation at Freedom Plaza (13th and Pennsylvania Ave NW). Approximate 2pm arrival to National Mall. 7pm General Assembly to talk about the issues. Questions about event logistics? email: [email protected]com Follow the march on their blog: www.occupythehighway.org Note: This call to action comes from Rebuild the Dream and MoveOn.org, two among many allies providing support for the march and standing in solidarity with the march. We are in good communication and coordination with the marchers, but we do not speak for them. They speak for themselves and are organized as a mobile Occupation with an independent General Assembly process.

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