Making Good: Order the new book by Billy Parish and Dev Aujla

At Rebuild the Dream, part of our mission is to strive towards a new economy, where everyone is accountable for doing their fair share and every individual contributes to making their community better in some way - what we like to call the American Dream 2.0. Today's working generations face a difficult challenge - how do we dedicate our careers to making the world a better place in a way that is personally meaningful, while also making enough money to support our families and loved ones? As progressives, it can be disheartening to postpone fighting for our vision of a better reality because of financial or economic restraints. Many of us find ourselves asking "Why isn't there a job for that?" or "How could I get paid to do this?" So how do we make good? Billy Parish had been asking those same questions , and commiserating with those harboring the same frustration. After having kids, his need to make money but also make change became even more real. When he met Dev Aujla, who was also asking these questions, they decided to find answers. And they wrote a book about it.

Order this book by Billy Parish and Dev Aujla

Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money & Community in a Changing World is the book with Billy and Dev's answer to finding meaningful careers. Over the course of three years, the two did hundreds of interviews, read hundreds of books, studied leadership development resources, and developed a process for people to find meaningful employment. Let's help Billy and Dev's book come out on the NY Times Bestsellers list! You can order your copy of Making Good here.

Sign up for a making good mission.

Accompanying the release of the book, later this month will mark the launch of Making Good Missions. The missions are a 12 week program to help people find a job that does good, using the best practices gathered in Billy and Dev's book. Those who sign up to participate in a mission will get weekly email guides, connect with others undertaking the same challenge, and learn the skills necessary to make money while also making an impact. The ultimate goal is for one million people to take concrete steps toward building meaningful careers and making good. Sign up to be part of the Making Good Missions on the book website, here. To learn more about Dev Aujla and Billy Parish's book, check out the book website at And don't forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@MknGood) for the latest updates.

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