Liveblogging Van Jones

Right now, Youth Speaks is killing on stage with spoken word. But in a few minutes, Van Jones will take the stage. We'll constantly update this post with live updates, highlights, and notes from his presentation. ...Bob Borosage is on right now, explaining the "plutonomy", government by the top 1%, for the top 1%, and of the top 1%. ...Christine Neumann-Ortiz is on now, talking about fight for fair immigration reform's place in the labor struggle in Wisconsin. ...Robert Borosage introducing Congresswoman Donna Edwards right now, detailing how she took on a conservative Democrat in the primary and won with grassroots backing. ..Donna Edwards is just blazing up here, got the crowd going with a fiery speech. ...Van Jones will take the stage in just 15 minutes! ...Van Jones being introduced right now. ...Shoutout to CAF for creating this conference back during the Bush years. "I think I saw somebody twitch when I said Bush years." ..."We have gone from hope to heartbreak." ..."I'm not mad at the Tea Party for being so loud. I'm mad at us for being so quiet." ...Really driving home the point what the recent progressive movement has accomplished. ...Explains that Obama created a metabrand for progressives, who were previously siloed in separate compartments, making it a more powerful movement through the country. Tea Party did the same thing for conservatives. ...Our principles have to be Patriotic, Portable, and Positive. We have to believe in the power of our country, we have to support the same principles everywhere, and we have to have hope even in the face of ...We have to meet under a common banner, all our groups, recognize that we're fighting the same fight. Draw inspiration from each other. ...We have to learn from Tea Party, they talk individual and act collectively while we talk collective and act individual. ...Van introduced 25 leaders of grassroots organizations involved in the American Dream movement. Huge applause, very diverse crowd on stage. Diverse organizations in their scope and constituencies, too.

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