A Call to Action: Solidarity with Occupy Wall Street

Something big is happening in Liberty Square. The Wall Street occupiers in New York have sent shockwaves through the country and around the world. And the spark is catching. We would like to reiterate not just the awe and respect we hold for those from Occupy Together, who have created a mass movement in just three weeks, but also how important it is that we as progressives stand together with Occupy Wall St. in body and in spirit. Rebuild The Dream fully embraces those occupying Wall St. and other cities around the country. Last week, Van Jones and Max Berger called on America to get off the fence and unite in this historic moment: "Today, there is only one thing that's too big to fail: the dreams of this new generation, finding its voice in Liberty Park. All of America should now stand with them." On Monday, we opened our conference -- the first-ever national gathering of the American Dream Movement -- with a special plenary session about Occupy Wall Street. Nelini Stamp, a leader from the Working Families Party who has been camping out in Liberty Square, came straight from New York to share her experiences with over 1000 conference attendees. The crowd was on its feet. Check out our brief interview with Nelini after the panel  - "This isn’t about one group or one part of the movement," she said. "This is a movement of the people of the United States of America.” And indeed, the entire country is watching. Yesterday, over tens of thousands of protesters flooded the streets of Manhattan in one of the biggest demonstrations in recent memory. MoveOn.org and Rebuild The Dream formed a "Virtual March on Wall St." We asked  supporters across the country to send us their stories of solidarity from across the country, and the response was overwhelming. Their images were projected onto a makeshift screen, right in the heart of the movement at Liberty Square.

We are humbled and honored to celebrate the courage of those who Occupy Wall St., and we will continue to do all we can to support this growing movement.

Let's make history. We are all the 99 percent.

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