John McCain gets a copy of the Contract

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) faced a barrage of questions at yet another town hall this week, although to his credit he didn't need a protest to force him to schedule an open forum like his House colleague Chip Cravaack. McCain, who represents a state with a high population of retirees, fielded a number of questions on his vote in May to cut Medicare and his views on cutting Social Security, including a heartfelt response from one woman who took the senator to task for his proposal to raise the retirement age: "We cannot stand for the retirement age to be increased like that. Let's look out for the interests of ordinary people. Let's look out for the interests of working people." One questioner also wondered what McCain is going to do to bring back decent paying jobs so that their grandchildren won't have to work for "$3.00 an hour and live out of a cardboard box."

John McCain Met with Frustration at Town Hall:

It was a little sad to see McCain bluster that he doesn't know of any job that would pay only $3.00 an hour. After all, there's a federally mandated minimum wage that prevents that from happening, but McCain voted in 2007 to repeal federal minimum wage requirements, which would drop the minimum wage all the way down to $2.65 an hour in states like Kansas. It was also interesting to see McCain argue that in order to preserve Social Security for future generations, we're going to have to make "hard choices." Somehow for the superwealthy like McCain, "hard choices" do not mean lifting the cap on the payroll tax so that wealthy people would pay the same rate on their total income that the rest of us do. Such a "hard choice" would virtually wipe out all projected shortfalls in the Social Security trust fund. After the event, one Arizonan edged up to Senator McCain and asked him if he had heard of the Contract for the American Dream, to which he replied that he had. She then handed him a copy of the Contract just to be sure he had a chance to read it with his own eyes. The friend who took this picture managed to get a copy of our Contract to one of McCain's staffers at the event as well, just to make sure.

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