Jobs Not Cuts rally in Ottawa

This last Saturday, October 22nd, over 150 people gathered in Washington Square Park in Ottawa, Illinois, to demand Jobs Not Cuts. As the American Autumn continues to unfold, it's important we keep the pressure on our local and national officials. Let's make sure representatives across the country hear our demands: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Photo courtesy of Ottawa Delivered"]Over 150 gather in Ottawa, Illinois for Jobs Not Cuts[/caption]

"Six individuals took to the microphone with similar distress concerning politicians’ 'so-called solutions' to the economic recession during the Move On local chapter’s 'Jobs, Not Cuts' rally Saturday, Oct. 22. People of all ages stood with signs reading 'Don’t Destroy the American Dream,' 'Bailout students, not banks,' 'Enough is enough, we want good paying jobs now.'

The idea behind the rally, as Lance Yednock of Ottawa, pointed out during his speech, is that politicians couldn’t be more misinformed. It’s up to citizens to contact their local legislatures to let their voice be heard.

'They don’t understand how Americans are struggling,' Yednock said. 'They’re not struggling.'"

For more on the rally, click here.


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